Peter DiTommaso’s Construction Career Spans Decades Of Successful, Rewarding Work

No part of a construction project can be put on autopilot. There needs to be a guiding force behind each and every aspect of the build and Peter DiTommaso is the seasoned veteran who knows how to keep things on track. The reason why Mr. DiTommaso can steer such projects is because he’s been in the industry for more than three decades. He’s also the co-founder of Interstate Drywall Corp. and has been a principal with the company since its inception in 1986. Many major milestones have been reached during the years since, but it’s best to start at the beginning if you’re looking to learn more about Peter DiTommaso.

Mr. DiTommaso earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Massachusetts. The skills he learned here would be put to use at both Interstate Drywall Corp. as well as L&T Contracting, where he began his career. Peter DiTommaso was a project supervisor with L&T Contracting. In this role, he was expected to oversee the planning, organization and control of multi-million dollar projects. More specifically, Peter DiTommaso was tasked with overseeing construction activities and ensuring a safe work environment for contractors and staff existed.

Following the formation of Interstate Drywall Corp., the skills that Peter DiTommaso picked up at the University of Massachusetts would be employed in full force. In fact, he’s been an instrumental part of the company and his commitment to daily and long-term goals has helped ensure its evolution. Co-workers describe him as being passionate, driven and a leader in the industry. It’s these qualities that have also seen him rise to positions where he is responsible for overseeing all aspects of business operation and delivery of high-quality services. Peter DiTommaso’s work with the Interstate companies has included the successful completion of more than $2 billion construction work throughout the New Jersey and New York metropolitan areas.

Mr. DiTommaso has spent his entire professional working years within the construction industry. These years have taught him what it takes to efficiently and fairly manage a project so that all involved – from architects at the drawing board to contractors on the job site day after day – have reasonable guidelines to follow. It’s for the reasons outlined above that Peter DiTommaso has enjoyed a successful career and it’s also why those looking to learn more about him should keep tabs on his future projects.