Peter DiTommaso Proud of High-Visibility Construction Projects across N.Y. and N.J.

Peter DiTommaso

Rome wasn’t built in a day, as the saying goes, and the impressive portfolio that Interstate Drywall Corp (IDC) boast today took time to amass. Word-of-mouth about the quality of work this contracting company does — thanks in part to leadership from Peter DiTommaso — would eventually lead to larger and high-profile projects. Today, the company has helped complete construction projects in the office, retail, residential, pharmaceutical, medical and tech sectors. All told, IDC has provided more than $1 billion in interior construction work all across the northeast U.S. The company is indeed proud of all the work it has completed, but some projects garner more visibility than others. For example, the Lotte New York Palace Hotel in Manhattan, New York City is one of the more-visible IDC projects. That’s one out of dozens, Peter DiTommaso proudly points out, and IDC has had a hand in the following high-profile projects from across the New Jersey and New York regions.

Neiman Marcus, 500 W. 33rd Street, New York, N.Y.: Midtown Manhattan is one of the most well-traveled locations on the planet. As a retail/shopping hotspot, the work that IDC did across the 188,000 square feet of the new Neiman Marcus store helps this project shine. When customers go shopping for the upcoming fashion trends for 2020, they are passing through the work that Peter DiTommaso and the entire crew of his contracting company took great pride in while completing as part of a $25 billion mixed-use development.

Harborside Plaza, Jersey City, N.J.: Making the most of amazing skyline views and convenient location, Harborside Plaza in Jersey City turned out to be the thriving work and lifestyle destinations it was envisioned from the onset. According to Peter DiTommaso, IDC was hired to install temporary walls that preceded the major renovation project that Harborside Plaza owners SJP Properties undertook.

Turning Stone Casino and Resort, Verona, N.Y.: Sprawling across 3,400 acres, the Turning Stone casino is home to world-class gaming and entertainment options. IDC had a crucial hand in turning this facility into the upstate New York destination it is. Peter DiTommaso says that his 200-strong crew worked 10-hour days seven days a week for seven months to complete the new 21-story hotel/conference center. IDC successfully completed the fabrication and construction of custom construction details while adhering to its high-quality standards. For those who find themselves near Verona, which is about 260 miles north of New York City, Turning Stone is a destination worth visiting.

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